The Little Ice Cream Shop scoops 22 flavours of happiness in Hawkshead + Windermere, The Lake District!

All our ice cream is made by us daily at our Gelato Kitchen in Hawkshead using the finest and tastiest ingredients. We source our milk & cream from a local dairy in Windermere because we know Cumbrian cows are the happiest!

On top of this, we also have a selection of juicy sorbets made from fresh fruit.

Oh yeah and we make these amazing waffles too - check them out on our Instagram…

We’re gluten free, vegan and dog friendly.



“Hello guys! My name is Amy and I own The Little Ice Cream Shop. Here’s the story of how it all began..

I’ve always wanted to be an actor ever since I was tiny. I knew I had to move to London to pursue my career but I just couldn’t afford it. At 18 years old I had this wacky idea to open an ice cream shop in order to save enough money to move to London and train as an actor - crazy, right? With a bit of DIY help from Dad in August 2016 The Little Ice Cream Shop was born!

The shop exploded with popularity. People were queuing to get into the shop - CRAZY! I still can’t quite believe how loved The Little Ice Cream Shop is.

Mum + Dad quickly got the gelato bug and after a bit of persuasion I convinced them to expand the ice cream empire and to open The Little Ice Cream Shop mark 2 in Windermere in July 2018. I mean, it’s only fair to treat the good people of Windermere to our damn tasty gelato, right?

And it worked! In November 2017 I moved to London. I’m now training at Identity School of Acting and I’ll be in my first professional show in April 2019 - PHEW!!!

Amy x”



Gelato is Italian for ice cream.

Gelato is creamier, smoother and has less fat in it than traditional English ice cream. That means you can enjoy your scoops guilt-free!

We source our milk & cream from a local dairy in Windermere as we believe in supporting local businesses and we also know that Cumbrian Cows are the happiest.

Our gelato is handcrafted in small batches daily by Amy & her Mum in the Gelato Kitchen which is where all the magic happens!